Authors are permitted to deposit all versions of their paper in an institutional or subject repository. This includes:
 Preprint;
 Author’s Accepted Manuscript;
 Published Article (Version of Record).
There is no embargo period and Authors may self-archive their article version as soon as it is ready.

Examples of repositories
Authors may deposit any version of their work in:
 Academic social networks;
 Author's homepages;
 Institutional repositories;
 Institutional websites;
 Non-commercial institutional repositories;
 Non-commercial repositories;
 Non-commercial social network;
 Non-commercial subject repositories;
 Non-commercial websites;
 Pre-print repositories;
 Journal websites.

Where available, the recommendation is to always provide full bibliographic information about the original publication, together with links to the article’s DOI. This includes: Authors’ names, Article title, Journal title, Volume number, Issue Number, Pagination.

Journal’s Archiving Policy
This journal utilizes the Public Knowledge Project Private LOCKSS Network (PKP-PLN), as well as other online repositories to create a distributed system that benefits participating libraries. All stakeholders are allowed to create permanent archives of the OA content of the journal for the purposes of preservation and restoration.